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Meet the next generation of round balers. The intelligent choice for high capacity baling - designed to raise the bar on bale density, convenience, and performance.





  • Front mounted direct injection system for a sure start every time
  • Positive feed of net into the bale chamber
    • Net permanently retained in injection arm, no time spent on first pick up of the net prior to injection
    • No effect from windy conditions
    • No feed rollers
    • Very fast operation
  • Perfect net spread on the bale
    • Net is going fully from side to side
    • Edge covering net types can be used (48'' or 51'')
  • Fast and easy net loading
    • Simple and easy threading of net
    • Storage for two extra rolls of net



  • A powerful cutting device
    • 400 mm rotor diameter
    • 25 strong full guided double tines
    • 25 knives controlled from tractor cab
    • 4 group selections: 6-12-13-25
  • High capacity in all conditions
    • The material is forced into the chamber trough the knives
    • Instant bale start in all the conditions
  • Perfect cutting quality
    • Hardened knives
    • Individually double spring protected knives
    • Automatic knives reengagement



  • Easy to use technology
    • Operate directly from tractor cab
    • Single acting valve needed
  • Fast and efficient rotor un-blocking device
    • Fast & easy to use system
    • Select 'Drop floor' on Focus control box
    • Operate tractor valve to lower floor and re-engage PTO
    • Operate tractor valve to close floor and start baling again
  • A safe system to remove a blockage
    • Huge clearance between floor and rotor
    • 100% efficient blockage clearance



  • High capacity – Perfect raking
    • Small diameter pick-up
    • 81.5" working width
    • 73.6" Tine to tine
    • 2.36" Tine spacing
    • 5 Rows of tines
    • High rotation speed
    • High reliability
    • Double cam drive
    • 2 central supports for tine bars
    • Big diameter driving sprocket


Intelligent Density 3D

  • Electronic proportional density control
    • Hydraulic density control up to 2750 PSI
    • Tensioner arm with twin tension springs
    • As the bale grows, the pressure increases
  • Density control from tractor cab
    • Full control over bale structure from tractor seat
    • 3 different zones adjustable in pressure and diameter + 0 PSI core
    • Zero pressure function also allows a soft center bale to be produced if required


ISOBUS Control

BV 5160 - Full ISOBUS Compatibility

  • Simplicity – Efficiency – Productivity
    • Choose between Focus II(Mono) or IsoMatch Tellus (color touch-screen) terminal
    • Connect directly to an ISOBUS certified compatible tractor display in a few seconds
    • Very easy to use interface
  • Full control on board
    • Bale diameter adjustment
    • Density adjustment in three zones
    • Current bale diameter (bale growing)
    • Left/Right driving indicator
    • Selection of twine or net binding
    • Adjustment of twine and net binding cycles Manual or automatic binding start
    • Total bale counter & 40 field counters
    • Selection of pick-up, drop floor & knives
    • Performance monitor (bales per hour)


Bale chamber

  • Chamber design with reduced critical areas for crop build up in wet conditions
  • Instant crop rotation
    • 3 rollers: 1 ribbed bottom, 2 Profiled fronts
    • 5 endless belts
    • 8.66" wide
    • Triple layer (0.31" thickness)
  • Good bale start in all conditions
    • Two profiled rollers ensure instant bale rotation
    • High bale density due to immediate rolling and pressurizing